Accommodation in family.

Our families offer groups coming from all over the world the typical Spanish hospitality; a warm welcome and a place to feel at home. They love to have a chat with the students and to share with them not just the roof and food, but their entire culture.

Services provided:

  • Laundry: 1 washing machine/week per student
  • Wi-fi: generally available
  • Telephone: not provided
  • 1 towel and 1 bed sheet per week provided

Landlord: usually a single woman or families with children

Room: single/double (for teachers) – twin/triple/quadruple rooms (for students).


  • Tribeka recommends 22:00 during the week and 00:00 during the weekend.

*If present, the teacher is responsible for any changes to the curfew. If not, the curfew is fixed. In case of changes, a written statement by the responsible teacher is necessary.

Deposit: sometimes required by the host family - 30 euro/participant (to be given directly to the host family on arrival).

About food

A typical Spanish breakfast is usually a toast with olive oil and tomato or butter and marmalade and something to drink (coffee/milk/tea) or, alternatively, something to drink accompanied by biscuits.

Since during the day students work in their host companies, families provide them with a packed lunch. It usually contains a sandwich and something to drink (water/coca cola/fanta) and a dessert, such as yogurt or fruit.

As for dinner, the participants typically receive paella, hamburgers, potatoes, vegetables, legumes (lentils, chickpea) and fruit.

Flats / Residences

We can also offer accommodation in flats or residences.

Our flats are located in two buildings on two neighbouring streets in the city center, just 1 minute walking from each other. They occupy several floors and offer room for many participants at the same time, including numerous groups and their accompanying teachers. Usually students are accommodated in double, triple or quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms, and teachers – in individual or twin rooms with private bathrooms. Each flat has a fully equipped kitchen. Studio-flats are also available.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (according to the chosen food service) are served in the dining hall on the first floor of one of the buildings. The option of packed lunch for participants is also available.

The residences are normally located near the city center, within a short bus drive.

They offer multiple rooms with shared bathrooms for students and single or twin rooms for teachers, normally with a private bathroom.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining hall, with optional packed lunch.

Washing/laundry facilities, bed sheets, 1 towel and WiFi are provided both in flats and residences.

The meals are usually as follows:

Breakfast: bread, cereals, muesli, cheese, yogurt, sausages, cafe, juice, milk, fresh fruit.

Packed lunch: first or second course or sandwich with fruit and juice/water.

Dinner: first and second course, potatoes, vegetables.