The context

Our Erasmus+ Project “SKILLS ACT 4 VET” aims to define the five most useful soft SKILLS which are ACTivated during an international work-based experience by students who attend vocational, educational training school). The Erasmus+ project ‘Transversal skills Activation for Vet Mobility Experiences’, will help students, aged 14-18 experiencing short-term mobility abroad, teachers preparing and supporting the activities and companies that host students to improve short terms internships organization.

General objective

At the end of this two years project, we will be able to:

  • help students, with an App that supporting them during the internship with suggestions and a test that measures the level and the quality of their soft skills;
  • support teachers with a new intensive and specific e-learning training;
  • support companies to organise the internships better.

  • Specific objectives


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